Licensing / Book Cycle Bundle

Licensing / Book Cycle Bundle

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Salesperson License

The Sales Person License course includes everything you need to qualify, take, and pass your California Real Estate Sales Person License exam! All course materials included are fully approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate and administered by NRE Schools DRE Sponsor # S0571.

Course details
There are three prerequisite courses for taking the state exam mandated by the California Bureau of Real Estate: Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and a third from a list of electives from which we chose Real Estate Finance. These courses are included in your tuition and are completed on a home study basis, administered through NRE Schools DRE Sponsor # S0571.


Real Estate Book Cycle

Your Real Estate Book Cycle purchase allows you to cycle through the 3 Books provided, throughout the duration of the course. Simply pick up your first book and trade it in for your next one each time you pass one of your 3 open book exam.